Phantom BoM Manufacture OpenERP 7


6 thoughts on “Phantom BoM Manufacture OpenERP 7

  1. How do you set the “BOM Type” as an option? I could not find an option for it in settings… Thanks

  2. Set BoM Type in Component Line (Bill of Material form):
    1. Go to Setting -> User Interface -> Views
    2. Search record “mrp.mrp_bom_form_view” in External ID field and open it
    3. Add :

    <field name="type"/>

    , the result like this :

    <page string="Components">
        <field name="bom_lines" widget="one2many_list">
            <tree string="Components" editable="bottom">
                <field name="product_id" context="{'default_supply_method':'produce'}" on_change="onchange_product_id(product_id, name)"/> 
                <field name="product_qty"/>
                <field name="product_uom" on_change="onchange_uom(product_id, product_uom)" groups="product.group_uom"/>
                <field name="name" invisible="1"/>
                <field name="type"/>
                <field name="date_start"/>
                <field name="date_stop"/>
  3. Hello, How do you set the “BOM Type” as an option? I tried with above format but I could not find the User Interface in Settings. Please could you help me with this?
    Thank You in advance.

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